The First Saturday of August

The Soggy Bottom, the pursuit of pain and joy, will continue to haunt and chase riders down the same course as before, but differently.

This Soggy Bottom will continue to have one additional required checkpoint at the Devil's Pass Cabin. This will be a no host respite. Riders will be required to check in going out to the Cooper Landing checkpoint and on your way to Devil's Pass. Each rider will also be required to check in on the way back to Hope. So with this additional requirement, the records of the past are just that, the past, honored and respected but the past. A new Soggy Bottom Journal will start with the 2011 ride.

Alaska Endurance Association

The bear bell requirement is for many important reasons and should be respected; the bear bell requirement will be unchanged and enforced. There will be bear bell checks at each checkpoint. If you don't have your bear bell, you will be disqualified and your time beyond that point will not be recorded. This is not negotiable.

Also, there maybe cutoff times for the Cooper Landing and Devils Pass Trailhead checkpoints. The possible cutoff time for Cooper Landing will be 3pm and the cutoff for Devil's Pass Trailhead is 6:30 pm. Riders will be required to depart the checkpoints at this time.

I have saved the most important changes until the end!

There will be a a limit of 60 racers total. A team of 3 riders count as 1 rider. A team will have a limit of 3 riders. Finishers from the previous year will be able to pre-register before registration is open to the public.

AEA, LLC, will only accept mailed applications. The applications must be post marked no later than July 20th. Any applications sent with a post mark no earlier than May 1st and no later than July 20th will be returned.

I will screen all applications and perhaps conduct and interview with the applicant. After last year, in hindsight, I know I should have had another layer of screening. If you are asked to try again next year, please don't be offended. If you are a rookie at this type of long distance endeavor, this ride is not for you, period. To those that have completed the Soggy, can you hear it calling your name...

Please check the MTBR Alaska Forum for updates!